New classification for formaldehyde and styrene

Make sure that your classification, label and safety data sheet (SDS) are correct!

Following the publication of the 6th Adaptation to Technical Progress (ATP) to the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP) Regulation on 6th June 2014 (Regulation 605/2014), the existing GHS harmonized classification has been modified for several substances, including styrene and formaldehyde: - Styrene is reclassified to toxic for reproduction category 2 and specific target organ toxicity — single exposure, category 1; - Formaldehyde is reclassified to carcinogenic category 1B and mutagen category 2. This new classification will enter into force on 1 April 2015. This means new labelling and Safety Data Sheet requirements, as well as new REACH obligations for formaldehyde (see details hereafter) have to be applied. However, the Regulation 1297/2014 published on the 6th December 2014 specifies that the substances and mixtures placed on the marked before 1 June 2015 shall not be required to be relabeled and repackaged until 31 December 2015. Do not forget that CLP will apply to mixtures from 1 June 2015, when the basic requirements for substances and mixtures will be the same (there will be a two-year grace period for mixtures already in the EU supply chain on that date to be consumed).

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