Trade defence measures against Chinese glass fibre manufacturers

The European Commission decided after investigation to impose a final countervailing duty on imports of chopped glass fibre strands, of a length not exceeding 50 mm; glass fibre rovings, excluding glass fibre rovings which are impregnated and coated and have a loss on ignition of more than 3% (as determined by the ISO Standard 1887) and mats made of glass fibre filaments, excluding mats of glass wool, currently falling within CN codes 7019 11 00, ex 7019 12 00 ( TARIC codes 7019 12 00 21, 7019 12 00 22, 7019 12 00 23, 7019 12 00 25, 7019 12 00 39) and 7019 31 00 and originating in the People's Republic of China.

Provided that the products covered by the one and the other measure are identical (see customs tariff codes), the two measures shall be combined. In both cases the rates defined in the two tables above are applicable to the net, free-at-Union-frontier price, before duty, of products described and manufactured by the listed companies.

Link to the full text of the Commission's Regulation.