Safe Handling Guide

The unsaturated polyester and epoxy vinyl ester resin Safe Handling Guides have fourteen focused sections and exist in six languages, English, German Spanish, French, Italian, Polish. They address the key health, safety and environmental issues associated with the storage and processing of raw materials in the UP/VE resin industry. (click on the PDF icon to open the document in the respective language).

The different sections are: 

  • Safe handling of unsaturated polyester resins 
  • Safe handling of constituent material used in composite processing 
  • Occupational exposure to styrene 
  • Storage of UP resins  
  • Methods of monitoring exposure to styrene 
  • Low styrene emission and low styrene content resins 
  • Workplace ventilation 
  • Personal protection equipment 
  • Styrene abatement techniques 
  • European legislation governing the polyester industry 
  • REACH and the polyester processing industry 
  • Classification and handling of FRP waste within the current EC legislation 
  • Unsaturated polyester resins and the EU VOC Directive 
  • "Cleaner, smarter, cheaper” Towards a safe and clean polyester workshop 

These handling guides have been prepared by the European UP/VE Resin Association in close contact with the composites industry