About EuCIA

Headquartered in Brussels, the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) represents European national composite associations as well as industry-specific sector groups at EU level. With the support of its members EuCIA is actively contributing to building an economically and environmentally sustainable European composites industry. EuCIA closely monitors relevant standards and legislation, actively communicates the ways in which composites contribute to a more sustainable world, and promotes educational activities. Our initiatives aim to enable the healthy growth and continued competitiveness of more than 10,000 companies and an estimated 150,000 employees involved in composites manufacturing across Europe.

EuCIA Mission

Its main mission is representation of National Composites Associations and industry specific sectors, targeting end-segments sectors or potential product groups or processes at EU level.

The mission, objectives and activities of EuCIA are structured under 3 key pillars:
We Know - Industrial education and sharing of best practices
We Show - Being active at EU level and influencing decision - making
We Grow - Industrial growth and membership expansion across Europe

EuCIA Main Objectives

  • Promotion of composites applications and their high benefits and characteristics compared with traditional materials such as steel and aluminum
  • Advocacy actions towards a balanced EU legislative environment for composites industry
  • Policy tracking of educational programmes and industry alignment
  • Active fostering and involvement in innovative developments for the composites sector
  • Acting as the European platform of the whole industry and share best practices through exchange of knowledge
  • Extension and cooperation at European and international level within the sector and externally.

EuCIA Representation

More than 10.000 companies and an estimated 150.000 employees are actively involved in composites production across Europe.