This year we are celebrating 20 years of operating under the name of EuCIA, but as an association we have been supporting the European composites industry for nearly 65 years!

The origins of EuCIA go back to November 1960, when the Groupement européen des Plastiques Renforcés – Matériaux Composites (European Organisation of Reinforced Plastic Associations – Composite Materials), or GPRMC, was founded. In 2003, to facilitate work at the European level, it was decided to transform the organisation into an international non-profit association and EuCIA was officially launched as a new legal entity on 22nd June 2004. This means that next year we will be celebrating 65 years of supporting the composites industry in Europe.

Over the years our membership has grown to cover more than 70% of the European composites market, reflecting the development of the composites sector but also the need for a unified industry voice. Now, more than ever, we aim to take the composites industry to the next level, gathering stakeholders from different end-use sectors to demonstrate the circularity of composite materials.

Meet EuCIA: Read our interview with EuCIA’s president Professor Roberto Frassine to learn more about our objectives and actions.


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