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An interview with Jaap van der Woude, Chairman of EuCIA’s Sustainability Working Group, is featured in a new article from CompositesWorld magazine on life cycle assessment (LCA) of composites.

He discusses the development and objectives of EuCIA’s Eco Impact Calculator: “We wanted to create a composites-specific tool that calculates cradle-to-gate environmental footprint data based on average values, so you don’t need to have the actual data on raw materials or processes. We had a strong intention to make it easy to use, providing very quick results, to make it accessible to all people in companies, academic institutions, etc.”

Users can access the Eco Impact Calculator from EuCIA’s website and they do not need in-depth knowledge of LCA techniques to be able to use the tool. The results are exported as an Eco Report listing three sustainability indicators, including cumulative energy demand (CED). The data can be downloaded for import into the SimaPro software to allow a full LCA. The composite materials and process data included in the Eco Impact Calculator is regularly updated and expanded to enable more accurate calculations.

The CompositesWorld article explains the LCA process and the rising demand for LCAs, and discusses different LCA tools and approaches. As the article concludes: “In an era where data and digitisation are a growing focus for all manufacturers, LCA is a tool that allows them to use data specifically for achieving environmental and sustainability goals, and enabling that within their supply chains.”

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