The programme for the 17th World Pultrusion Conference is now available. Organised by the European Pultrusion Technology Association (EPTA), a member of EuCIA, in cooperation with the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), the event takes place in Hamburg, Germany, on 29 February-1 March 2024.

The World Pultrusion Conference takes place every two years and provides a meeting place for the European and worldwide pultrusion industry. In 2024, more than 25 speakers from countries including Finland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, the UK, USA and Canada will offer presentations about innovative applications, technologies and processes. Market trends and developments are also on the agenda.

The conference takes place in the week before JEC World 2024 (5-7 March, Paris).

The World Pultrusion Conference programme and registration information are available on the EPTA website. 

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