The third General Assembly of the REFRESH wind turbine blade recycling project took place on 6-7 June. EuCIA joined its partners Acciona, CETMA, CIRCE, Enecolab, ETAT9, Gees Recycling, Gjenkraft, MTB Manufacturing, TECNALIA and project coordinator RINA in Høyanger, Norway, where Gjenkraft operates a blade recycling facility.

During the two days partners reported their progress in the project’s active work packages and discussed their planned activities for the next six months. EuCIA presented an update on its tasks in the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation work package, which it leads.

  REFRESH blades 002 - EuCIA

Following the meeting, the partners were invited to visit Gjenkraft’s plant. The team toured the facility, where Gjenkraft is developing an advanced thermal process to transform end-of-use blades into fibres suitable for use in new products. Outside the factory turbine blades of various lengths and designs are being stored prior to processing, truly illustrating both the size and complexity of the challenge!

This General Assembly celebrated month 18 (M18) of the project, a key milestone. At the end of June, the first phase of the work concludes. This has focused on the design and development of the REFRESH solutions (blade cutting, shredding and materials sorting technologies and recycling processes) and the business plan. A preliminary life cycle assessment (LCA) of the REFRESH processes has also been performed and an eco-design strategy for new products containing the recycled materials developed. The second phase of the project will focus on implementing and demonstrating the technologies. Other activities will include the manufacture of demonstrator products using the recycled materials, and the development of a novel blockchain traceability platform (BTP) covering the whole supply chain.

REFRESH provides EuCIA with an in-depth understanding of technological, economic and sustainability challenges associated with wind blade (and composites) recycling and connects us with key stakeholders in the emerging recycling supply chain. The project feeds into our initiatives to upscale composites recycling technologies and demonstrate the circularity of composites.

For further information read the event review on the REFRESH website.


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