The presentation Sustainability of Composites: the EuCIA Perspective will open the first day of the 17th World Pultrusion Conference. Organised by EuCIA member EPTA (the European Pultrusion Technology Association) in cooperation with the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), the event takes place in Hamburg on 29 February-1 March.

EuCIA’s presentation will be given by Eric Moussiaux, VP Technology at Exel Composites, and a Member of the Board of both EuCIA and of EPTA. It will start the first session of the conference Framework Conditions: Sustainability and Standardisation. The presentation will discuss how composite materials are enablers for decarbonisation and essential for the transition to a climate-neutral economy. It will also present EuCIA’s position on composites circularity and recycling technologies as well as EuCIA’s actions to support composites sustainability.

The World Pultrusion Conference takes place every two years and is one of the leading pultrusion events in the world. In 2024, more than 20 experts will offer presentations about the latest applications, technologies and processes. Conference sessions include: Process Innovations: Thermoplastics; Innovative Applications: Automotive; Innovative Applications: Construction; Online Monitoring/Quality Testing; Recycling; Solutions for Sustainability; and Raw Material Innovations.


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