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On 3rd May, EuCIA organised a webinar to enable our members to learn more about two innovative recycling solutions for composite materials.

The webinar featured presentations from guest presenters Anurag Bansal, Tech. Intelligence and Open Innovation Manager, Construction Business Unit, Acciona, and Guillaume Perben, CEO & co-founder at Composite Recycling.

They provided updates on their pyrolysis technologies for recycling end-of-use wind turbine blades and boats and answered questions from the webinar participants. They also shared their confidence in creating new markets for secondary raw materials – no longer waste but a real resource opening up new opportunities.

There are many ways to reuse and recycle composite parts, but working with partners to develop new products and applications is the key to long-term success.

This webinar was open to EuCIA’s members, who will share the recording with their members.

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