EuCIA joined partners ACCIONA, CETMA, CIRCE, Enecolab, Gees Recycling, Gjenkraft, MTB, STD France, RINA and TECNALIA for the 2nd General Assembly of the EU-funded REFRESH project in Aviano, Italy, on 17-18 January.

REFRESH will demonstrate a novel circular, smart system enabling improved recycling of glass fibre reinforced composites from use-of-use wind turbine blades. EuCIA is leading Work Package 7: Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation, which includes planning and development of exploitation, dissemination and communication activities, and engagement of key stakeholders.

Participating in this project supports EuCIA’s initiatives to demonstrate and promote the circularity of composite materials and provides valuable opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing with stakeholders in the research, industry and policy domains.

Implementing circular solutions

This meeting marked the start of the project’s second year and during the two days the partners shared the progress made over the past six months and presented their plans for 2024. This is an exciting time as the project is nearing the conclusion of its first phase (development & customisation) and will enter the second phase (implementation & testing) in July year.

The first day of the meeting included updates on the active work packages, discussion and networking, plus an online workshop with REFRESH’s sister projects EoLO-HUBS and Blades2Build to develop ideas for a joint Knowledge Hub.

The second day completed the work package updates and concluded with a visit to Gees Recycling for a tour of its current production plant where recycled materials are incorporated into rigid panels with applications in construction, furniture and other areas. Preparations are well underway for a new plant where the REFRESH technologies will be implemented in a line for mechanical recycling of composite materials from end-of-use wind blades. 

Read more on the REFRESH website:

REFRESH (Smart dismantling, sorting and REcycling of glass Fibre REinforced composite from wind power Sector through Holistic approach) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 101096858. The project commenced in January 2023 and will run for four years.

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