EuCIA’s President, Professor Roberto Frassine, is speaking at the EU Dialogue on End-Of-Life Recreational Craft in Brussels on the 18 March. This meeting organised by FPS (Federal Public Service) Mobility and Transport of Belgium, the European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) and European Boating Industry (EBI) brings together European stakeholders and policymakers to lay the foundation for a sustainable and circular future for end-of-life boats.

The event will address the current challenges related to the dismantling, proper disposal and waste management of end-of-life recreational craft, which are mostly manufactured from composite materials. A common and coordinated EU approach towards these vessels, supporting objectives and ambitions set out in the Circular Economy Action Plan and the European Green Deal, would be beneficial to all Member States and relevant stakeholders.

Event highlights:

  • Presentations, including lessons learned from ongoing measures, developed roadmaps, and potential solutions;
  • breakout sessions focused on material and financial aspects, and national/European collaboration;
  • a panel discussion on the challenges and solutions for the management of end-of-life boats.


The programme includes a presentation from Roberto Frassine entitled EuCIA’s vision on circularity of composites: is it applicable to recreational boats? We look forward to sharing EuCIA’s insights on composites circularity and to collaborating with all stakeholders in building a more sustainable future for the boating industry.

This event welcomes industry professionals, policymakers and stakeholders interested in contributing to shaping a sustainable future for end-of-life recreational craft.
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