EuCIA is participating in the second meeting of the AZL Aachen Workgroup on ‘Circular Design & Production’.

This event on 25th June will explore the circularity of composites, providing insights into market trends and new use cases for circular composites. A round table discussion will showcase the participants’ experience with circularity.

Jaap van der Woude, chairman of EuCIA’s Sustainability Working Group, will join speakers from Solarge, SABIC, AES Autonome Energiesysteme, Fraunhofer IPT, and AZL Aachen. His presentation will discuss Taking composites circularity to the next level – EuCIA’s initiative for a roadmap for the supply chain for composites circularity.

AZL Aachen is a one-stop shop for market and technology know-how in lightweight production. AZL supports companies in the development, benchmarking and improvement of design methodologies, manufacturing techniques and products.

AZL 002 - EuCIA


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