This November, EuCIA’s Eco Impact Calculator, the online tool which enables composites companies to calculate the environmental impact associated with the production of their products, has been updated to version 1.1.1. This update includes small changes and bug fixes and follows the major update announced in April 2023.

Users can read about the changes included in v1.1.1 in the new ‘Release Notes’ tab which is accessed from the menu at the top right of the Eco Impact Calculator homepage.

The Eco Impact Calculator is a free, easy to use life cycle assessment (LCA) tool which calculates the environmental impact of polymer composite products from cradle to gate, using a transparent and uniform sector methodology for processes following ISO 14.040/044. Users do not need any in-depth knowledge of LCA techniques to use the tool. The data is exported in the form of an Eco Report listing three sustainability indicators: carbon footprint (Greenhouse Gas Protocol); Cumulative Energy Demand (CED); and ILCD (International Reference Life Cycle Data System) sustainability score. The data can also be downloaded for import into the SimaPro LCA software to allow for full life cycle calculations.

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