EuCIA is continuing its cooperation with the European Society of Composites Materials (ESCM) by supporting ECCM21, the 21st European Conference on Composites Materials.

ECCM21 takes place on 2-5 July in Nantes, France. It is being organised by Centrale Nantes and Nantes Université under the patronage of ESCM, AMAC (Association pour les Matériaux Composites) and EuCIA, with supporting partner JEC. EuCIA’s President, Professor Roberto Frassine, will speak at the conference about the important role of standardisation for the industry. 

The event is expected to attract more than 1000 participants.

ECCM is meeting point for academia and industry. It promotes innovation, and the discovery of the cutting-edge of composite materials, and interdisciplinary collaboration, bridging gaps between academia and industry.

EuCIA met with Christophe Binetruy and Veronique Michaud from ESCM during JEC World 2024 to discuss this ongoing collaboration.

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