EuCIA welcomes Epoxy Europe as a new member

24 JAN 2023

The European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) is pleased to announce that Epoxy Europe, a sector group of Cefic representing European epoxy resin manufacturers, joined the association on 23 January. With the addition of this industry sector group, EuCIA builds a closer collaboration with the advanced composites sector and strengthens its role as the voice of the European industry. Epoxy Europe expands EuCIA’s existing network of national composite industry associations, industry-specific sector groups and associated members.

“The epoxy industry supports Europe’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050,” states Ana Martin, Sector Group Manager, Cefic. “Many fundamental technologies critical for the European Green Deal rely on epoxy resins. We are aligned with EuCIA’s sustainability initiatives; we look forward to sharing knowledge and best practices with EuCIA and its membership to support the sustainable growth of the composites industry in Europe.”
“We are delighted to welcome Epoxy Europe to EuCIA,” comments Roberto Frassine, EuCIA’s President. “As a new sector group active in the advanced composites sector Epoxy Europe extends our industry coverage and is another important step towards our vision strengthening our position of being the unified voice of the entire European composites value chain.”
Epoxy Europe plans to contribute to EuCIA’s strategic projects. In this way, Epoxy Europe aims to support the sustainable growth of the composites industry and promote the development of a flourishing business environment, while benefitting from the combined expertise of its members.
Epoxy Europe will also support EuCIA’s initiatives to promote the sustainability of composite materials and improve their circularity. A recent outcome of these activities is the position paper Circularity of Composite Materials, which summarises EuCIA’s views on the circular end-of-life management of products made from glass reinforced composite materials.
Roberto Frassine, President of EuCIA, and Gerhard Mueller of Cefic, celebrate Epoxy Europe’s collaboration with EuCA at a meeting in Brussels on 23 January, together with representatives of both organisations.
About EuCIA
Headquartered in Brussels, the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) represents European national composites associations and industry-specific sector groups at EU level. With the support of its members, EuCIA is actively contributing to building an economically and environmentally sustainable European composites industry. EuCIA closely monitors relevant standards and legislation, actively communicates the ways in which composites contribute to a more sustainable world, and promotes educational activities. Our initiatives aim to ensure the healthy growth and continued competitiveness of more than 10,000 companies and an estimated 150,000 employees involved in composites manufacturing across Europe. For further information please visit
About Epoxy Europe
Epoxy Europe, a sector group of Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council), has represented the interests of the major European epoxy resin manufacturers since the early 1980s. Epoxy Europe acts as a source of action and information for issues and initiatives involving the epoxy industry and its related health, safety and environmental topics, analysing issues which affect the industry and developing positions and policies allowing constructive dialogues with all interested groups. For further information please visit

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