Prospect for New Guidance in the Design of FRP Structures: Updated report

11 OCT 2018



CEN Technical Committee 250 (CEN/TC250) has taken the initiative to prepare a document addressing the purpose and justification for new European technical rules and associated standards for the design and verification of composite structures made of FRPs (Fibre Reinforced Polymer or Plastic). CEN/TC250 formed a CEN Working Group WG4 to further develop the work item. The convenor is prof. Luigi Ascione of the University of Salerno (Italy). The Working Group, after about three years of activity and many meetings, drew up a first proposal of Scientific Technical Report. The successive update drafts have been presented and discussed on the occasion of the meetings of CEN/TC250. In January 2016 the Report has been published by the Joint Research Centre (JRC): Report EUR 27666 EN. The Report has been subjected to public inquiry until July 2016. During this period the National Standardization Bodies (NSB) of the Member States have sent comments which have been examined by WG4. This activity have been performed from September 2016 to April 2017. The present document  represents the revised and updated version of the report after the public inquiry. You can find it on the website of EuCIA (

On the base of the work already done (First step of the procedure), in July 2018 CEN/TC 250 started the second step of the procedure towards a Structural Eurocode: the adaptation of the Prospect into a CEN Technical Specification. After a period for trial use and commenting, CEN/TC250 will decide whether the CEN Technical Specifications should be converted into Eurocode Parts (Third and last step). The end of the works is scheduled by 2022.


The CEN/TC250 initiative was motivated by the expanding and extensive construction of new structures entirely made with FRPs. The corresponding market has become more and more important in Europe during the last two decades. The analysis of the present situation in the construction sector and the identification of the design concepts provided by the current structural design codes and trends in the construction market are the bases

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