Presentation event 19 January 2016


Welcome and Introduction: Roberto Frassine, Chairman EuCIA

Session 1: Sustainability, Chairman: Thomas Wegman, Aliancys

Circular Economy in the EU: Natalia Matting (Sustainable industrial policy- DG Growth EU Commission)

Composites: the Sustainable Material of Choice, overview of the role composites can play to reduce the Eco Footprint: Ben Drogt, Composites, Innovation & Sustainability (BiinC, Consultancy)

Sustainability of FLOWTITE Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Pipes, Christian Wiedergut, Plant Projects & License Manager (Flowtite, Manufacturer)

Session 2: Sustainability and Transport, Chairman: Christian Wiedergut, Flowtite

Lightweighting research in EU transport projects: the role of composites: Dr. Maurizio Maggiore (DG Research & Innovation – EU Commission)

Carbon Composites in Automotive Structural Applications: Joachim Starke, Product and process planning (BMW, Manufacturer)

SQRTM Nose Landing Door: boarding for flight test: Emmanuel Detaille, R&D Program Manager (Coexpair, Engineering) 

Session 3: Sustainability and Building, Chairman: Ben Drogt, BiinC

Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector: Josefina Lindblom (DG Environment, EU Commission)

FRP in bridges and lock gates, more sustainable than FRP: Simon de Jong, CEO (FiberCore Europe, Manufacturer)

Shaping the Future: Freek Roorda, Director (Solicam, Manufacturer of patterns and moulds)