European Alliance SMC/BMC : New Branding

The European Alliance SMC BMC decided  to update his image and develop the communication strategy as a brand. 

They decided to create a new logo, develop their communication strategy and realize a new website. The new website/url address is : The idea is to highlight SMC and BMC. Both are important for the members.

This image transition was orchestrated by a Communications Manager who was engaged to do this job. The European Alliance recruited Muriel GILBERT from Metaphore Agency.

Branding strategy plays a vital role in an association success in today’s competitive markets. The new brand is not just a name or symbol; it represents the relationship with the members. 

So creating strong brand equity is important to position SMC & BMC  in the market and create consumer awareness.

The new logo is the building-block on which your entire branding is based upon. The choice of the two new colors of the logo is blue from Europe and green for  sustainability. 

The website is responsive so we may get all information Tablets and smartphones.The informations now regularly  updated.The website spreads news and has a calendar of all events. 

The European Alliance also did create a LInkedIn Group/Profile to follow up all news as well:

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