01-04-2019: Global composites associations launch collaboration fo fostere industry growth

06-03-2018: European Composites Industry Association launches survey to guide future path of Eco Impact Calculator

08-02- 2018: European Composites Industry Association strengthens sustainability communications with demonstrations of Eco Calculator at JEC World 2018

20-12-2017: EuCIA announces addition  of thermoplastics processing data to eco impact calculator 

30-11-2017: Composites and sustainability, the big picture

25-10-2017: EuCIA seminar highlights sustainability as key driver for use of composites

19-01-2016: The European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) holds seminar on Composites & Sustainability

14-06-2015: EuCIA develops Eco Impact Calculator Tool for Composites

23-08-2012: EuCIA welcomes the Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association (TCMA) as member

05-06-2012: The Russian Union of Composites Manufacturers (UNCM) joins EuCIA as Associated Member

06-02-2012: EuCIA announces elected Board of Directors - GA re-elects Volker Fritz as President

08-11-2011: EuCIA launches Recycling & Sustainability Platform of the European Composites Industry

26-09-2011: The European UP Resin Sector Group - Statement concerning styrene-free technologies

19-08-2011: New anti-dumping investigation into glass fibre fabrics; EuCIA investigates potential effects on the composites industry

11-07-2011: SMC/BMC composite materials for key sectors in society deliver on sustainability

07-07-2011: EuCIA, EuPC and ECRC sign memorandum of understanding - Leading European industry organisations pledge to foster cooperation on COMPOSITE Recycling and Sustainability

12-04-2011: EuCIA shows the benefits of composites industry during Hannover Messe

18-03-2011: Definitive import duties of 13.8% on glass fibre originating in China to be imposed

25-01-2011: Definitive anti-dumping duties of 13.8% on glass fibre originating in China are likely to be imposed

20-09-2010: The European Commission sets protectionist measures against the European composites industry; EuCIA and EuPC warn of high prices in the coming months and decline in composite activity in Europe

10-09-2010: Provisional anti-dumping measures of 43.6% on Chinese glass fibre products to be imposed; EuCIA warns about unprecedented effects for the European users

22-04-2010: EuCIA welcomes collaboration with Deutsche Messe AG on Hannover Messe fair

23-03-2010: EuCIA calls on users to express their concerns via open letter to the European Commission on anti-dumping measures against Chinese glass fiber

11-01-2010: Glass Fiber Manufacturers start antidumping procedure; effects on the composite industry unclear

28-10-2009: COMPOSITE Recycling compliant with EU Legislation - EuCIA presents EU- financed Projects at COMPOSITE EUROPE

15-09-2009: EU-financed project for sustainable composites based on natural resources - NATEX - to be presented during COMPOSITES EUROPE Show in Stuttgart

10-09-2009:Presentation of Woody, an EU-funded project on Innovative Advanced Wood-Based Composite Materials and Components, during the COMPOSITES EUROPE Fair in Stuttgart

02-06-2009: Thermosets Composites are compliant with EU Directive

04-02-2009: EuCIA publishes its first Activities Report for 2008

01-10-2008: EuCIA Strategy shows positive Results

30-04-2008: European Alliance for SMC / BMC now under the umbrella of the new European Composite Industry Association

01-02-2008: Engineers to build composite UFO