Composites enable the production of strong, lightweight, and durable structures which offer more sustainable solutions to alternative materials in a diverse and expanding range of applications.

The composites industry is also focusing on the end of life, and/or end of use, of the material. Addressing this crucial part of the life cycle generates new opportunities, from eco-design to the recycling supply chain (including technologies such as cement co-processing, pyrolysis, solvolysis, …). Moreover, a new market is emerging for durable composite material and parts which are re-used in a different application.

EuCIA is actively working with various stakeholders, from raw material manufacturers and part producers to end users, to address the essential next step of composites circularity.

To help the entire supply chain, EuCIA has developed an Eco Impact Calculator for calculating the environmental impact of your composite products from cradle to gate: from the raw materials up to the point of sale. Users can calculate, save and export the environmental impacts of as many different composite prod

Eco Impact Calculator - EuCIA
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